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In today’s competitive environment it is most advantageous for a company to focus on its core competency instead of getting bogged down with extraneous tasks. EC Infosystems can help in this area. You can outsource your EDI transaction processing and management to EC Infosystems. We can be the extension of your EDI/EC department without you having to dedicate internal resources to run and manage your EC program.

Processing several million transactions per month our customers range from medium to large energy marketers to utilities across 19 states within the US. With connections to over 70 utilities and growing, we service more than 150 clients. EC Infosystems is the largest EDI Transaction Management provider in New York serving more than 51 energy marketers and growing. EC Infosystems provides robust transaction processing services in CAISO, ERCOT, NEPOOL, NYISO, PJM and other ISOs. EC Infosystems can send and receive information from clients in any format (XML, CSV, flat file etc). Whether the utility requires you to support GISB or NAESB or VANs we can do it all.

EC Infosystems will perform the following complete range of functions to ensure the smooth operation of your EDI/EC program.

:: 1. EDI Transaction Management

EC Infosystems provides round the clock 24 x 7 x 365 EDI transaction processing.  EDI transactions are processed at our state of the art processing facility in Long Island, New York.  There are many processing cycles scheduled throughout the day.

EC Infosystems monitors the entire end-to-end transaction flow of millions of transactions between hundreds of our clients and their trading partners.  Our highly skilled Operations and Technical Support Staff ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service per our service level agreements (SLA).

EC Infosystems offers an easy to use on-line portal EC Central whereby clients can send customer enrollments, drops, changes, remittance advices, service order requests and many more transactions to their trading partners.  We provide world class technical support and customer service including: Technical Liaison and coordination with Client’s Trading Partners. Providing feedback to Client’s Trading Partners regarding accuracy and integrity of EDI data received. Troubleshooting of all incoming and outgoing EDI transmissions to ensure their successful completion.

:: 2. Trading Partner Management

We provide complete end to end Trading Partner Management including:

  • EDI certification with the required state Public Service Commission or utility.
  • EDI certification with energy marketers
  • Compliance with market protocols and regulations.
  • Market environment, rules, procedures knowledge transfer to energy marketers.
:: 3. Client Data Environment Management

EC Infosystems provides a host of services to integrate with our client’s back end data and applications.

  1. Utiliport
    EC Infosystems offers a state of the art Transaction Tracking System (UtiliPort) for the Deregulated Energy Industry. UtiliPort is the nerve center of EC Infosystems EDI Transaction Management Services. It allows EC Infosystems clients to monitor all transactions flowing through EC Infosystems EDI Transaction Management system and see customer activity information in an easy to track web portal. It helps clients to view their transactions at an overall level and also enables them to drill down to the individual transaction.
  2. Transaction Tracking System
    EC Infosystems offers a Transaction Tracking System to all our clients that enables them to track all transactions processed by EC Infosystems.  Clients can view details on transactions they sent or received from EC Infosystems as well as transactions sent by EC Infosystems to their trading partners.