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Picture: Professional ServicesEC Infosystems is an EDI/EC Professional Services Firm that offers a full range of services to its customers in the field of Electronic Commerce. We cater to both the needs of companies who are in an EDI Startup Mode as well as organizations, which have well established EDI Operations. EC Infosystems’ years of experience can help you deploy EDI/EC to strategically position for success in today’s highly competitive business environment.

For companies that are new entrants into the EDI/EC world, EC Infosystems can help launch your EDI program and deliver speedy results. We will interface with your trading partners and setup EDI maps. We will integrate the EDI Translator of your choice by developing subsystems to transfer data back and forth between the EDI Translator and your in-house application systems. Once your EDI program is up and running we will provide the necessary EDI training to your staff to carry on your daily EDI operations.

For companies having existing EDI operations, EC Infosystems can augment your staff with highly skilled EDI professional services. These results driven professionals will help you charge ahead with your EDI program by providing the extra technical muscle that your organization may need. EC Infosystems can help your organization in many ways.

:: Different Services
1. EDI Cost/Benefit Analysis 2. EDI Infrastructure Planning
3. Interfacing with VANs 4. Translation Software Implementation
5. EDI Mapping 6. Interface Programming
7. EDI Education & Training 8. Post Implementation Operational Support
:: 1. EDI Cost/Benefit Analysis
Today major companies do not accept paper documents and insist upon getting EDI documents such as EDI Invoices and EDI Purchase Orders as a way of doing business with them. EC/EDI will be the de-facto standard of doing business in the 21st century. It is therefore imperative for your organization to embrace this technology. In this extremely competitive business environment we can show you how doing EDI immediately with these organizations will affect your bottom line profitability.
:: 3. Interfacing with VANs
Due to the large number of choices in Value Added Networks (VANs) prospective companies can find this selection confusing and overwhelming. Our understanding of the VANs price structure, discounts, Value Added Services etc. can make this worry go away. EC Infosystems will take into account your specific needs and suggest the VAN that best meets your needs.
:: 5. EDI Mapping
No EDI operation can be completed without mapping EDI data seamlessly into the organization’s internal application systems and vice versa. EC Infosystems can draw upon its vast experience with numerous mapping tools and put it to the fullest use for you.
:: 7. EDI Education & Training

With years of experience in the EC/EDI industry EC Infosystems offers EDI Training Programs customized for our clients specific needs. Our training programs cover everything of interest to the EDI Business Executive as well as EDI Systems Personnel of any organization. Training is imparted in such areas as Planning for EC/EDI, EDI Standards and EDI Implementation. We also offer training in all existing EDI standards ( ANSII X12, EDIFACT and other proprietary standards ).

After EDI has been successfully implemented at your company EC Infosystems will train your operations personnel enabling them to run their day to day operations efficiently.

:: 2. EDI Infrastructure Planning
Once you have decided to convert your traditional paper based business to a more efficient EDI operation, EC Infosystems can assist in your Strategic and Short Term planning. We can identify your Manpower and IT Software/Hardware infrastructure requirements that will launch your EDI program and make it a true reality. Our EDI professionals will evaluate critical success factors and translate them into concrete working units.
:: 4. Translation Software Implementation
Putting the EDI Translation Software to its best use requires full knowledge of the product. At EC Infosystems we work with various EDI translators that make EDI a winning strategy for our clients.
:: 6. Interface Programming
Automating the flow of data from your in-house applications seamlessly into your EDI Translator is a major task. Maximum gains from EDI can not be realized without this functionality in place.
:: 8. Post Implementation
Operational Support

EC Infosystems is always there to help. We can provide ongoing support for your EDI Operation well after implementation. We offer on site as well as remote telephone support.

We are always willing to discuss with you ways of providing our services, such as Project Management and Outsourcing. With years of experience in EDI technology, EC Infosystems provides EDI Integration, Mapping, Programming, Implementation and Training in these Translators and more:

  • Harbinger ( TLE, EDI/400, EDI/Open, Templar, STX )
  • Gentran (AS/400, Basic, Server, Director, Integrator )
  • GE Application Integrator
  • Mercator, EMANIO
  • St. Paul’s Software
  • IBM Data Interchange